Enhance Yields & Reduce Exposure

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Armco Exchange is the creator of the Real Estate Secured Priority Written Note, or RESPWN, which provides qualified banks a path to a more efficient and profitable enterprise

What makes ARMCO & RESPWN unique?

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Upload your commercial loan for participation by Armco Exchanged and Funded by RESPWN

Retain your client relationship and loan servicing while creating capacity for your prime borrowers

RESPWN securities are issued by ARMCO to investors as rated investments without disclosing confidential borrower information

Reduce the Bank’s Real Estate concentration; watch yields perform at new heights

Serving Community Banks

Armco Exchange is a financial technology company with an online platform that purchases a participated interest in bank’s commercial real estate loans and funds these pruchases by issuing an investment rated security known as a “RESPWN” (Real Estate Secured Priority Written Note).